Our Apps

The future of mobile marketing and student recruitment

  • “LTG’s global base of highly engaged learners allows partners to establish relationships with students like never before. Partnered universities and service providers can build a rich in-app presence through the apps’ Newsfeeds and school landing pages to expose their brand, generate interest, and set themselves apart from competitors earlier than ever before in a student’s educational journey.”
  • “Our mobile platform also provides a smarter pathway for student recruitment and lead generation than traditional marketing methods. Through our highly detailed user base, we connect schools and partners with the students ideally suited for their programs or services. Partners have a direct link to students on the device today’s students use the most: their smartphone. It’s a more effect and personalized form of out reach than traditional outbound or email marketing.”

In The News

  • “A new survey from a two-year-old test prep startup called LTG Exam, creator of recently- launched Prep4SAT, shows that Harvard is the No. 1 choice among high school seniors. Two thousand seven hundred aspiring college students who use Prep4SAT ranked the schools where they most want to go.”
  • “LTG Exam’s figures come from some 5,000 users who prepped for the GMATs using the company’s app, Prep4GMAT, which allows them to study at their own pace and connects them with live tutors if they choose. Users ranked their top five business school choices.”

“LTG said it would use the funds to expand its engineering and product staff in Israel
and Boston so that LTG can add new apps to its lineup and drive growth of its
Prep4SAT and Prep4GMAT apps, both available free on iOS and Android.”